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Forbes/Fifth Avenue Pedestrian Safety and Mobility Improvements

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Fifth & Mckee
Fifth & Meyran
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Forbes & McKee
Forbes & Meyran
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Forbes & S. Bouquet

Total Project Scope:

The total project area includes six (6) intersections along Fifth Avenue and five (5) intersections along Forbes:

  • Fifth Avenue and Thackeray Street, Fifth Avenue and South Bouquet Street, Fifth Avenue and Desoto Street, Fifth Avenue and Atwood Street, Fifth Avenue and Meyran Avenue, and Fifth Avenue and McKee Place
  • Forbes Avenue and South Bouquet Street, Forbes Avenue and Oakland Avenue, and Forbes Avenue and Atwood Street, Forbes Avenue and Meyran Street and Forbes Avenue and McKee Place

Also included in the scope is the replacement of the street lights along Forbes from McKee to the University of Pittsburgh foot bridge and a replacement design for the Fifth Avenue bus lane railing.


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Aerial of Oakland
with highlights the project area in blue
  Site Plan of the intersection areas

The specific elements of the project are as follows:

1. Improvements to Fifth Avenue Intersections:

  • Installation of new countdown pedestrian signals at all intersections,
  • Installation of two new crosswalks with distinctive treatments at the Thackeray and McKee Place intersections,
  • Replacement of existing crosswalks with distinctive treatments at all intersections.
  • Installation of textured intersection pavement at the Thackeray, Desoto and McKee Place intersections,
  • Enlargement and landscaping of traffic island at Fifth Avenue and Desoto Street , and
  • Replacement of Fifth Avenue railings as needed at intersections.

2. Improvements to Forbes Avenue Intersections:

  • Replacement of existing crosswalks with distinctive treatments,
  • Replacement of handicapped ramps and abutting sidewalk slabs and curbing,
  • Replacement of existing traffic signal and light poles with City standard poles at all three intersections,
  • Installation of textured intersection pavement at all three intersections.

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