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Forbes/Fifth Avenue Pedestrian Safety and Mobility Improvements

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In 2003 during the milling/resurfacing of Forbes Avenue, OTMA-Oakland Transportation Management Association and the Oakland Taskforce worked with PennDOT District 11-0 on the installation of 4-way crossings at various intersections along Forbes Avenue. They include the intersections at Craft Avenue, Halket Street, McKee Street, Meyran Avenue, Atwood, Oakland, South Bouquet and Bigelow Boulevard. During the installation of stop bars and cross walks, pedestrian interval signals were also installed. These interval signals provide the opportunity for the pedestrian to receive the walk signal three (3) seconds before the motorists was given the signal to proceed into the intersection; this enabled the pedestrian more visibility to the motorist when proceeding into the intersection.

In July 2004 during a monthly meeting of the Technical Transportation Committee hosted by SPC-Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission, Governor Rendell’s Home Town Streets; Safe Routes to School program was introduced to TTC members.

After a series of meetings and discussions throughout the Oakland community, OTMA assured of the community’s support submitted a funding application in July 2004 for the Forbes/Fifth Avenue Pedestrian Safety and Mobility Improvements = $1M. In January 2005, OTMA’s funding application was approved. $500K would be through regional funding from the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission and $500K would be funded through the state’s Hometown Streets Safe Route to School program.

As planning and engineering began, it became clear that eleven (11) intersections of improvements wouldn’t be able to be completed with the initial $1M funding so a second application for funding was submitted by the City of Pittsburgh in September 2005. This application also included streetscape enhancements. That application: Forbes/Fifth Avenue Pedestrian Safety and Mobility Improvements, Phase 2 = $483K. In May 2006, the City of Pittsburgh’s funding application was approved. $483K would be provided through the Transportation Enhancements/Hometown Streets Safe Routes to School Funding program.

Through the next three (3) years the community partners worked together to finalize the planning, engineering and design of pedestrian safety and mobility improvements project.

After all of the necessary approvals were in place, the project went out for bid on April 3, 2008. Total federal funding awarded for construction = $1,483,000.00 However, the lowest construction bid received totaled $2,1M leaving a funding shortfall of almost $700,000.

The project co-sponsors, OTMA and the City of Pittsburgh along with key institutional partner and funders met to determine the next course of action, which was to identify funding streams to meet the project funding shortfall. Through the continued commitment and support of the OTMA, the City of Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh, and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center we are excited that this project is now fully funded at $2,1M.

Construction will begin on Monday, June 20, 2008 at 9pm. Construction will be done Monday thru Friday from 9pm-6am. Michael Facchiano Contracting Inc. is the contractor on the project. The University of Pittsburgh will be the construction managers on behalf of the project sponsors: OTMA and the City of Pittsburgh. The project is expected to be completed at the end of the year.

Community Partners:
City of Pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh
Oakland Taskforce
Oakland Business Improvement District
Oakland Community Council
Oakland Planning and Development Corporation
City of Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC)
University of Pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Urban Redevelopment Authority

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